Worth Fighting For - Gabrielle Tennenbaum Radnor

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Worth Fighting For by Gabrielle Tennenbaum Radnor pdf book

This book is an English book .My father describes anti-Semitism as a way of life, and one to which he knew no alternative. He learned to prefer his own company, favouring being alone to enduring the taunts of children who were never chastised for tormenting their few Jewish peers; it was, in fact, my father who was punished for his occasional attempts to report the actions of these children to the school staff. His parents advised him to “make the best of the situation” and keep a low profile; he was unable to transfer to another school as at that time there was no option to leave the one to which a child had been assigned, and regardless of this, it is doubtful that the situation would have been any different elsewhere. The country was governed by the extreme right wing Engelbert Dollfuss who had taken over as chancellor in 1932, so talk against the Jews had become the norm; an integrated aspect of every-day life, well ingrained in hearts and minds by the time Nazi agents assassinated him in 1934 after which his regime continued for four years. Still, Morris and many others like him were determined not to let such hatred destroy their chances of building successful careers. He worked exceedingly hard, accomplished a great deal and built a lucrative business of which he was rightly proud.