The new Leviathan

The new Leviathan
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This book is translated into English. A reader may take the title of this book in whichever way he pleases. If he is one of those who think of Hobbes’s Leviathan as the classical exposition of a classical type of despotism, namely seventeenth-century absolutism, the portrait and anatomy of that great LEVIATHAN caned a COMMON WEALTH, or STATE, which is but an ArtificialMan; though ofgreater stature and strength than the Naturall’,I he may take it to mean that I have set out in this ‘New Leviathan’ to portray and anatomize the new absolutism of the twentieth century, based (like that which Hobbes described) on the will of a people who in thus setting up a popular tyrant gave into his hands every right anyone of them has hitherto possessed. For the immediate aim of thi$ book, is, to study’, the new absolutism and inquire into its nature, causes, and prospects at success or failure success, I mean, in eitherdestroying all competitors and becoming the political form of the future, or at least contributing to the political life of the future some positive heritage of ideas and institutions which men will not forget. families thanks for visited for our web sites.