Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe

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Robinson Kreutznaer was a son of a German merchant. When the merchant’s family settled in York, England, they changed their name to Crusoe. Despite Robinson’s father wanting his son to study law, young Crusoe dreamed of traveling to distant seas. The father said to his son that God would not bless him if he went to sea. However, in 1651, against his father’s wishes, Crusoe left his home and went on his first sea voyage with a friend. It ends in a shipwreck off the coast of England, but it did not disappoint Crusoe too much, and soon he made several trips on a merchant ship. In one of them, the Barbary pirates captured his ship off the coast of Africa. Crusoe had to spend two years in captivity until he escaped to Brazil. There Robinson settled for the next four years becoming the owner of the plantation. Crusoe’s life would have been peaceful except that he decided to try to become rich very quickly. To make a fortune in a short term Robinson decided to take part in the illegal trading voyage to Africa for black slaves.